Day 21: Serendipity

Review: What a pile of hot rom com garbage. This movie can suck my dick and die in a fire. I love  John Cusack, I love a good rom com, I love the word Serendipity. I wanted something light and fun that might make me laugh or feel amorous. I felt nothing. The script is bad, the story is awful, but the worst offense is John Cusack rattling off pop culture tid-bits a la High Fidelity without any of the substance. "What's your favorite movie," she asks on their first non-date. "The correct answer... and there is a correct answer," he says, "is Cool Hand Luke." WHY THO. YOU DIDN'T EXPLAIN WHY. WHAT ABOUT COOL HAND LUKE MAKES IT YOUR FAVORITE? WHAT DOES THIS EXPLAIN ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER? WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO THE STORY? The answer is: It doesn't. Fuck this movie. I wish I had watched Cool Hand Luke instead. 

Recommended by: Not me.  

Seen with: Self

Location: Home, Netflix