Day 20: Arthur (1981)

Review: What a delightful movie this is! I knew nothing about this movie other than that there was a shitty remake with Russel Brand that made my mom say, "He can't hold a candle to Dudley Moore!" I have not seen the Brand version, but I believe that Dudley would give Brand a run for his money. HIS HEAPS AND HEAPS OF MONEY WHICH PLAY AN INTEGRAL PART TO THE PLOT. The most fun thing about watching movies I've never seen is never knowing when Liza Minnelli is going to show up. I was absolutely overjoyed to see her in this role. Kooky, hilarious, dapper. I loved it! Plus Jerry's dad. Watch this movie!

Recommended by: My mom

Seen with: Joe Kwaczala

Location: Home, Rented