Day 7: Three Colors Trilogy (Red

Review: Ah, the final installment of the Three Colors Trilogy! What a way to end it all! A perfect ensemble ending to three impressively different films. Here's something funny: When I first started watching this trilogy, I started with Red because I'm an idiot who was going in order of the American flag despite this being a French and Polish series. Fortunately, I was told only minutes into the film and avoided seeing an extremely spoiler-y ending. In terms of where this stacks up in the series, this is by far my favorite. Turns out I am just a big fan of love, big age gaps in romantic leads, will-they-won't-they's, and optimism. While the other two movies really affected me emotionally, it felt like a nice pay-off to be shown something more uplifting and with a dog in it. I highly recommend this trilogy!

Recommended by: PBC

Seen with: Self

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