Day 8: Flirting with Disaster

Review: Why did I think this would be a good idea? Because sometimes after watching three French movies in a row, you need a little Ben Stiller in your life! As a big fan of BS, I was super excited to watch something early of his that not only featured Patricia Arquette (who can get it any time) but Mary Tyler Moore who is an absolute treat in this role. Sign me up! While this movie had some typical 90's rom-com predictability, there were great moments that would make me watch it again. My favorite line is between Mel (BS) and the trucker who Mel just learned is his biological father:  "You're not a bitch boy are you, Mel?" "No, I don't believe I'm a bitch boy." Here here.

Update: I keep thinking about this movie and really think it's great. 2/8/16

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