How it started.

On July 30, 2015, Allie hinted that she was going through a bat phase. Many were surprised (and delighted) to learn of Allie's affection for bats which she had previously kept under wraps. But no one knew that this was just the beginning.

When it changed.

On August 1st Allie announced "I'm over bats" with complete disregard for the bat-loving community. She continued to cause a stir on August 13 when she simply said, "back into bats." She remained silent until her final statement on October 20th: "feelin bats right now." 

What's happening. 

No one truly knows why Allie's opinion on bats changes so often. It's safe to assume it's because bats come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are cute. Some are spooky. Some dress up like dolls and try to kill you to make their rat boss happy. Who knows what will happen next?  


Josh Gondelmen expresses his concern for Allie.