Day 10: Stardust Memories

Review: Oh no! This is my first time watching a movie starring Woody Allen after knowing about all the awful Woody Allen stuff! I was honestly shocked to see how much of an impact this had on my viewing of the film and had to take a couple breaks (particularly after watching his many on-screen relationships with young women) to get through the movie. I found myself looking up court details and googling, "Am I still allowed to like Woody Allen movies?" in between scenes. While staying as impartial as possible, I have to say I didn't love this movie nearly as much as his other earlier work; which is kind of the point of the film! My favorite Woody Allen movies (Radio Days, Hannah and Her Sisters, Manhattan) have so much heart but are also HILARIOUS. I found myself embarrassed to nod my head in agreement with the quote, "You want to do mankind a real service? Tell funnier jokes."

Recommended by: Let's say... Wendy McColm

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