Day 32: Los Angeles Plays Itself (Documentary)

Review: My first documentary of the year! I've been purposely avoiding docs in my first run of movies, so what better way to pop my doc cherry (sorry) than with a three hour RANT! This movie is now on Netflix, but for years, the only way to see Los Angeles Plays Itself was at a live screening or via someone's bootleg copy. The reason? This movie uses TWO HUNDRED clips from very very movies without permission. Many of which SPOILED ENDINGS OF MOVIES I HAVE ON MY LIST. Despite ruining some classic movie scenes for me and taking up three hours of my life, I totally dug this doc! It was hilariously cynical and angry and I find little more fun than listening to someone lose their self-righteous, indignant mind. Check this out for the bad attitude, the movie clips, and the insight on LA! 

Recommended by: AV Club

Seen with: Self

Location: Home, Netflix