Day 17: Joe Dirt

Review: Yes, it's true. I saw Joe Dirt for my first time in 2016. This is one of those movies I've heard so much about in terms of fan culture, but never had any interest in checking out for myself. After hearing Spade talk about how proud he was of this movie on WTF, I couldn't help but give it a go. I'm surprised to say that I dug it! It was stupid in a lot of ways, of course; but it was smart, too! I don't remember anything in particular that I was crazy about in terms of jokes or moments, but I liked it and would watch it again with friends. 

Recommended by: David Spade on WTF with Marc Maron. SIDE NOTE: This episode is a MUST listen.

Seen with: Self. This is starting to get sad. 

Location: Home, Rented.