Day 37: Hail, Caesar!

Review: This is yet another movie that makes me say, "movies are the best!" After seeing the reviews of Hail, Caesar! and Hateful Eight (here's mine), I have found that people hold The Coen brothers and Tarantino in such a uniquely judgmental camp. The newest movie has to be better than the classics despite the fact that people have seen the classics dozens of times and have grown a deep love for them over time. People get mad when the new movie is too much like the old ones and get bored when they don't take enough chances. Tarantino + Coen brothers' movies are the WOMEN of movies. Not slutty enough, OR prude enough. Gimme a break! I thought this movie was super fun. And although it might feel like Coen Brothers lite, it had me laughing and entertained throughout. BONUS: Jon Daly plays a cop for two seconds. 

Recommended by: Coen brothers

Seen with: Alexis & Ryan Gibson AKA The Robin's Brothers

Location: AMC 6, Burbank