Day 46: Eraserhead

Review: As someone with a Twin Peaks podcast, you would think I'd have seen this already! Not only have I never seen it, I had no clue what it was about going into it OR coming out of it. What was this movie? I'm kidding, I get it. Do I though? Let me level with you: I don't. Not REALLY. Yet, as mentioned in my previous reviews, I sometimes think there's more to movies than fully comprehending the director's vision. My experience with this movie was a fun one. I put it on as soon as I woke up, was told be a friend that this is NOT a morning movie, and immediately realized why. It's dark, it's gross, it's too complex for morning brains. Still, I really liked watching it and it made me instantly look up what other people thought of it. Of Lynch's work, I prefer his more cohesive and rich narratives (jerk off motion) and I missed a lot of the quirkiness from Twin Peaks but I really loved it. 

Seen with: Self

Location: Home, Hulu