Day 14: Anomalisa

Review: One of the hard things about watching movies that have buzz is that it tends to skew my opinion going in. Where knowing everything about the plot wouldn't bother me too much, I can't help but focus on people's opinions. "Why did they think it was heart wrenching?" "They said it was funny. WHAT PARTS?" This is more about my neurosis than the movie itself, but when people told me Anomalisa was going to be gut-wrenching and would "fuck me up" I kept waiting for this affect that ultimately did not come. I really liked Anomalisa. It was beautiful, it was inspiring and interesting. I liked the story. I thought the dream sequence was super cool. But for some reason, it did not leave me quite as gutted as I had hoped. I would love to see this movie again another time now that I know what to expect. 

Recommended by: Oscar buzz

Seen with: Self

Location: Arclight, Hollywood.