How it Started

A few lonely summers ago, Allie spent her evenings singing to strangers on Chatroulette. One night, she was lucky enough to connect to a nerdy boy who suggested she post her songs to YouTube. The idea terrified Allie, but after some polite convincing, she uploaded an ode to her favorite stand up comics called "Comedians" to Youtube. Much to her surprise, the song became a little overnight hit. "Comedians" was featured on the front page of Reddit, tweeted by Patton Oswalt, and picked up by the Huffington Post. This surprising reaction inspired Allie to continue writing and posting original music. Since creating the Cossbysweater channel, Allie has gained over twelve thousand subscribers and one million views. 


With the help of her wonderful friends and fans, Allie has created two crowd-funded albums. Her debut album, Cossbysweater, is a 13-track collection of nerdy love songs and was produced by Adam Busch and Brian Speiser that was released May 4, 2013.  Adam and Brian brought in a talented and loving crew of musicians who helped create an album of which they are all extremely proud. 

Two years later, Allie returned with a Rick and Morty concept EP, Sad Dance Songs. This album is a departure from her usual folky sound and experiments with bass, synth, electronic drums and samples to match the beauty, darkness, and lunacy of the show. The album was produced by S.A. Bach who will be a future collaborator of Allie's. 

Live Shows

Allie performed her first time in November 2012 at the historic Largo at the Coronet opening for Jonathan Coulton. She will be performing at this years SF Sketchfest and regularly throughout LA. Stay up to date by following Allie on Twitter.